Parma Sausage Products, Inc.
Producing quality Italian pork products since 1954

Who we are
We are a small family business and we specialize in the production of a wide variety of Italian pork products. Our family is from Parma, Italy, which is where our name comes from as well as our production techniques and recipes.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We use only the highest quality ingredients starting with fresh pork, fresh spices and most importantly time and care. We are USDA inspected daily. We have our own standards that go above and beyond industry standards to ensure each product meets our taste test before it is packaged for sale. When you purchase one of our products, you are guaranteed quality by our USDA seal, but most importantly our family name is represented using our Parma Brand logo. Always look for the Parma Brand Eagle! Our trademark since 1962.

Our Location
We are located in the historic Strip District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
1734 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Our Retail Store Hours
Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm
Saturday 9am to 2pm

Closed Sundays
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