Parma Brand Holiday Hams
Information about ordering our seasonal hams

Our hams are available for pick up beginning the week of Thanksgiving through Christmas, then about 2 weeks before Easter. Our hams are fully cooked/smoked with the bone in. The hams average 15 to 17 pounds. A 16 pound ham can easily serve 12 to 14 adults. The cost is $2.89 per pound, which ends up being around $40 to $60 total depending on the size of the ham.

Why do I need to reserve a ham? Quantities are limited, we only make a certain amount since they are only available for three holidays, so be sure to call in to reserve yours today! (412)391-4238 In past years, we sadly have had to turn people away because we sold out.

What do we need from you to reserve a ham? When calling in you will be asked for your name (who will be picking up the ham) and a telephone number where you can be reached. We also will need to know how many hams you would like to reserve, if you would like them cut in half or left whole, as well as which holiday(s) you will be picking them up for. Please note: We do not carry over names each year, so even if you have reserved our hams in the past, you must call in to reserve a ham for each holiday you desire.

Where can I get your hams? Our hams are only available in store. If you are out of state and want us to ship you a ham, please call to place your order (412)391-4238 and press 1 for our shipping department. We will need your name, telephone, billing address, shipping address and payment information when calling in to place your order. Our hams are shipped in insulated boxes filled with ice packs to ensure proper temperature is maintained during transit. Depending upon the shipping address, hams are either sent FedEx Ground (business address), Home (residential) or Express 2-Day to ensure delivery within a 2-day time period. Since there are so many variables involved with shipping, we cannot give a quote for shipping costs. But please know, for shipping charges, we will charge what we get charged by FedEx to ship. We only add a small handling fee to cover our costs for packaging the shipment. Shipping costs are determined by weight of the package and its destination, we cannot control this cost; it is determined by FedEx.

Reheating Instructions: Since our hams are fully cooked, all you need to do is reheat thoroughly! Super easy and delicious! Please remove the plastic cover and netting, place ham in shallow pan and heat in the oven at 325F for approximately 2 to 3 hours uncovered. After heated, ham skin will blacken. Remove the skin, slice and serve! Please note, you do not need to glaze our ham, it certainly has a ton of Parma flavor already. But, if you like glazes and are feeling like you need it, that is up to you. Enjoy!